To Rehost is a simple concept. Rehosting means moving your app(s) from your on-premise servers to a cloud provider. The leading providers are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Private Cloud Solutions. None of your code needs to be rewritten, you just take your app and drop it into a cloud provider. We, take care of engineering this solution.

Through the purchase of cloud hosting, you are granted convenience and cost-effective measures that inevitably expand and reconfigure your business. Feedback is received in real-time by notifications which allow a fluid and accurate response.

Clarity. Migrating to the cloud allows you to easily clarify your code. Let’s say your e-commerce channels are diversifying and your customer segmentation is growing. You decide that you want to add a search feature to make their user experience better. When you have your apps on the cloud, adding a search function becomes additional functionality that you can provide quickly.

Customization. One of the greatest benefits of enterprise cloud migration is that once you’ve migrated, you’re able to take advantage of native cloud application development (NCA). These types of development applications are designed to allow different teams the benefit of designing, implementing, and launching app updates independently of each other, and in a streamlined method. Even though teams can work autonomously, it is imperative that organizations adhere to the same guidelines and standards, and benefit from a shared holistic calendar of sprints.